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Welcome to HealthShare Support. We're here to answer your questions about joining a solid HealthShare. We'll help you see if Zion Health is right for you.

Which membership is right for me?


Which membership is right for me?


with DPC

Direct Primary Care.

Pair your Zion Health membership with a Direct Primary Care Membership for quality healthcare and savings!

Zion Health


Zion Health Direct

Our most common membership type. Members enjoy all the amazing sharing features of the Zion Health community plus the features of: 


at Work

Healthsharing at Work

Share in medical costs with Zion Health and billed through work via payroll deductions. Designed for employers.

  • Exclusive Rates

  • Healthsharing

  • 3 age tiers

  • Help fellow employees


Perfect for

Individuals & Families

Excellent for

Early Retirement


All Plans come in three IUA options: $1000, $2500 & $5000

Zion Health Direct Membership

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What is a

Medical Need

A Medical Need is any  major medical event, injury, or medical emergency that is unexpected and causes you to seek medical or professional help. Medical needs include, initial doctor visits, any medical screening, x-rays, MRIs, specialists visits, surgeries, physical therapy and or anything needed to get you back to 100% health.

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For each medical need, the community shares in medical expenses after the initial unshareable amount (IUA) is met.  This amount paid by the member does not need to be paid again until you are symptom free for 12 months.

What is an IUA?

The Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) for each member’s medical need is the responsibility of member.  All qualified medical expenses after IUA is met are shareable with the Zion Health community at 100% and without an annual or lifetime limit.

The Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) is better for members than a deductible when a large medical need comes up.  Often care for a sickness or injury is not limited to a single calendar year.  Members generally save by having an IUA.



Are you a small business looking for a better solution for your employees? HealthShare is a great choice. Learn how easy it is. 




Give you're employees a solution that works for them, even if they leave your company.

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Rx Sharing is included in your Zion Health Direct Membership & Connected Health Memberships. 

  • Low Monthly Rates

  • Membership Card

  • Home Delivery

  • Search & Compare

  • Rx Management Tool

  • Formulary Available




Maternity Sharing is included in your Zion Health Membership. 

  • Must be a member 60 days prior to conception

  • Pregnancy counts as 2 IUAs

  • Routine Office Visits

  • Blood work

  • 3 Standard Ultrasounds

  • OBGYN, Labor & Delivery

  • and More

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How to find a solid HealthShare

...and what to ask!